300 Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Adjusting the Yoga practice to fit the individual Yogi

300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

How & why yoga is such a powerful tool for positive change becomes evident through your own personal experience. You must truly & fully experience this personalized approach yoga to truly understand its value

 At Yoga Well Institute, you will discover this experiential heart of yoga practice. This concept both encourages & supports daily integration into your every day. As you maintain this regular practice, you will notice a positive shift in yourself & your relationships.

Through experience, we may then teach these principals to others.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Berkeley, CA: Beginning Autumn 2017 | Nashville, TN: Beginning Spring 2018

The full training is divided into 10 in-person weekend sessions & 20 online distance learning sessions between modules. 

After each in-person weekend module, there will be a homework assignment including reading assignments to be completed prior to the next module. Just prior to the upcoming module, there will be an online homework review included in the online distance learning sessions to discuss & review the homework.

Experience it

Because an authentic teacher must always begin a student, our 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training Program is an experiental learning program. Designed to mold the daily practice of yoga into every moment in your life, this program spans 1 1/2 yrs. We gradually space each weekend module out, because we want to allow time for these teachings to fully integrate into your regular world. 

This Yoga Teacher Training program is organized into 4 tiers, taking you step-by-step deeper into personal transformation. Each tier focuses on necessary principles to shape your yoga practice while including the foundational concepts for all practices. As you grow with this program, each tier becomes more intricate, building your personal experience throughout the training.  

Viniyoga Teacher Certification

Tier I: Digging Your Well Uncovering Your Tools for Self-Development

  • Deepen your practice
  • Clearly identify the purpose of practice
  • Define the original context of yoga practice
  • Embody yoga in daily life
  • Ignite inner self-confidence
Viniyoga Teacher Certification

Tier II: Lay the Foundation Accessing Your Inner Strength & Confidence

  • Initiate meaningful change
  • See the relationship between yoga & YOU
  • Uncover the tools of yoga for personal transformation
  • Feel a deeper connection
  • Witness practice benefits
VIniyoga Teacher Training

Tier III: Building with Skill Tuning In To Your Internal Resources

  • See without judgement
  • Embrace the classical path of yoga
  • Utilize the energetics of Yoga for yourself & others
  • Observe & set proper goals
  • Benefit from yoga's tools 
Viniyoga Teacher Certification

Tier IV: Emerging Into Joy Creating Everyday Wellness, Vitality & Joy

  • Know how to leave suffering
  • Exprience the shift in your relationships
  • Know advanced yoga skills for purification & vitality
  • Guide others to wellness 
  • Keep real change in your life

How has this experience effected you?

"This training has provided so much...It's taught me the importance of breath & how to build a relationship with my breath. In my previous yoga experience, I'd hear the instructor say 'inhale, and exhale,' but I was more focused on 'perfecting' the pose. Now, my breath leads my practice; my breath is my practice" ~Keeley M., 2015 Graduate, Independent Practitioner

Course Highlights: Principles & Practice

History of Yoga

Definitions of Yoga, Evolution of Yoga, Vedas & Darśanas, Yoga in Life Stages

Anatomy & Physiology

Pañcamaya, Prāṇa vāyu, subtle anatomy, basic overview of anatomy & physiology


 Methods: Techniques, Practice & Effects of Prāṇāyāma 

Course Planning

 Planning, sequencing & structuring, setting goals, concepts & determining individual needs 

Viniyoga Yoga Teacher Certification

Yoga Philosophy

Detailed study of Patañjali’s YogaSūtra, Overview of the Bhagavad Gīta

Asana Theory & Techniques 

Vinyāsa Krama, principles & qualities for practicing, classifications, instructions & adaptations


Definition, process & structuring a meditation practice

Teaching Skills

Theory & Observation, Relationship dynamics, observing, assessing, & selecting asanas

Aplying these teachings in everyday

"This curriculum addressed topics that I've wanted to pursue for a long time...where I began to where I am today is possible because of the way the program was structured & the sincere efforts from the trainers & guides to fulfull the objectives.

Since the course started, I've released overwhelm at work, reduced suffering & conflict in running my business & have a newfound ability to observe, understand & apply the teachings of the Yoga Sutras in my everyday life...Thank you!" ~Nikila, 2015 Graduate

The true power of yoga is in how it influences our whole being.

Here's what you get:

Our 300 Hour Living Well Teacher Training Program takes you on a journey of transformation. You are able to truly understand the power of yoga as a powerful tool for positive change as you experience it. One of the first things you will do on this journey is to be introduced to a personal mentor who will act as your personal guide through this journey.

Your personal mentor is recommended to you based on an intimate interview with our Program Director. During this interview, you will be asked to identify your obstacles & goals, health & lifestyle. After the interview process, a mentor, in this lineage, will be recommended to you. This relationship is the foundational support for implementing yoga into your daily life.

Your Personal Mentor will:

  • Act as your personal guide throughout the 300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Program
  • Mold your daily practice based on your personal objectives
  • Offer support on 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training curriculum & materials
  • Provide teaching observation opportunties 
  • Critique & guide your course planning & development
  • Act as a personal liaison to ensure optimal growth beyond this teacher training program.

We encourage the initiation of this relationship before you even decide to commit to this training. This relationship is in addition to the actual training program. All fees associated with the mentor relationship are strictly between the student & the teacher. Most, if not all, students maintain their mentor relationship many years after training has concluded. All of our program staff actively participates in mentoring relationships.

We do our best to match each student with a primary teacher that compliments YOU.

This model of primary teacher relationship, as mentioned in the Taittirīya Upaniṣad, is the heart of yoga & is central to the teachings of Śri Krishnamacharya & Mr. TKV Desikachar. All Yoga Studies with the Yoga Well Institute are anchored in this yoga tradition. 

Mr. Desikachar dedicated his life to learning & living the teachings of his father, Śri Krishnamacharya. The teachings of Krishnamacharya are the foundation of our knowledge of yoga in the modern era & how to apply these practical teachings in our lives. Our lead faculty share decades of direct study with Mr. TKV Desikachar in this Yoga Teacher training curriculum.

On Mentor Relationships 

"[In talking with my mentor about my future] at one point in the conversation [my mentor] said 'I think you know what you are going to do' …when I got off the call I realized two things: 1) there are very few people in my life, if anyone else really, who I could hear that from & believe it & 2) I had absolute trust that he wouldn’t have said that if he wasn’t actually experiencing that & I have come to have a level of trust in this person’s capacity to see me clearly." ~ Elena W. 2015 Graduate

Shape each practice into an individual experience

 Yoga is a process of transformation. By focusing on the individual, yoga uncovers all obstacles preventing you from your most authentic life of wellness & joy. Yoga gives you the tools to identify & inspire your true self in all areas of life. Learn to uniquely apply yoga, meditation & spiritual practice into your personal way of being.

True change comes from within. By applying the principals of yoga, we can clear negative emotions, making space for positive habits & behaviors. We see this as our relationships become stronger & we encounter deeper spiritual awakenings.

As you live with this yoga practice, you will be guided to personal growth & transformation. With regular practice, yoga can change our thinking, behaviors & feelings. Give yourself this empowering process to truly strengthen your teaching style.

Meet the Faculty

Viniyoga Teacher Certification

Chase Bossart, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500 

A personal student of Mr. TKV Desikachar for over 20 yrs, Chase has devoted his life to living & teaching therapeutic yoga in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. 

Students find Chase to be an exceptionally clear communicator, presenting these trainings in a way that is easy to integrate into daily life.


How has this training changed or transformed your life?

"I have a better understanding of how to help others...My relationships with others make more sense. I have an understanding of where people might be coming from, what they're feeling & can then better relate. I have a much better understanding of myself in the same way" ~ Melissa K, 2015 Graduate/2016 Coordinator

With this training, you will:

  • Fully embrace the principles of āsana, breath, meditation & chanting
  • Know how & when to adapt the tools to confidently suit individuals
  • Comprehend observation as alignment and a way of seeing your student as a whole person
  • Awaken your creative ability to teach anyone: without limits of physical ability or age, in private instruction or group classes, newcomers or advanced
  • Confidently teach breathing practices 
  • Design effective meditations 
  • Craft classes that are focused on specific goals with movements, breathing, sound, and meditation
  • Support each individual student to be successful in all areas of their life

And be fully supported to continue implementing yoga’s effects in all areas of YOUR life

Total Investment: $3400

Save $350 by paying in full before the first in person weekend

Viniyoga Teacher Certification

Looking to bring your yoga practice to new heights?

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